Child development period: touch, hearing, vision, and smell

Child development is considered as the crucial period of physical, social growth, cognitive as well as whose beginning is marked since the birth of a child. Even it continues through early adulthood. When it comes to child development, it is important to discuss the theories, major milestones of child development, various stages that a child goes through etc. In general, child development is also referred to the process through which human beings grow as well get mature from infancy throughout adulthood. In this period, it is also important to consider different aspects of growth as well as the development of your kids. Of course, the measures of child development include physical growth, social growth and cognitive growth. Most importantly, child development focuses on the changes that take place in humans. If you ever wonder about the child development, you must consider the below-mentioned tips.

Sense of touch

Usually, babies are born with sensitive skin, so the sense of touch plays an important role. Normally emotional engagement takes a huge role in childhood development. Studies have linked skin-to-skin contact with the proper brain development. Normally, the gentle touch is the way of calming a neonate. So it is also important to caress, massage, stroke, swaddle etc. to the little kid. The sense of touch begins to develop during the early stage of pregnancy. The touch, as well as face around with the hands and feet, continues to develop after delivery.


The sense of hearing is important for baby and it is well developed by birth. Baby has possibilities to pay attention to high-pitched voices. When your baby hears your voice, you will be surprised at how your voice quickly quiets your infant. Most importantly, the child will have known the mother’s voice and even responds to complex sounds as well as attaches meaning to sounds, which also continues to develop throughout infanthood.


At birth, the baby has great ability to see everything. The eyes are usually nearly adult size, but the truth is eyesight develops as the baby grows in several months. Apart from that, eyes also look crossed, not yet developed enough muscle strength. In the first month, you will see the rapid changes in your baby’s vision. First of all, your baby starts to track moving objects and second month they can easily focus on different things and objects. Most importantly, eyelids may appear like they are swollen but this also protects the sensitive developing eyes.


The sense of smell is really important for normal baby and it is usually one of the very first senses to emerge. Normally, the sense of smell is also active before birth. The newborn can crawl up to the breast due to the fine-tuned sense of smell. So it is important to use nice smelling essential oils to calm the baby. Baby has the ability to smell your scent. Don’t use oils directly on the baby’s skin it is important to avoid skin sensitivities.




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