Concorso con in palio una notte tra gli squali al Paris Shark Aquarium con airbnb

Concorso un po’ particolare. In palio c’è una notte in compagnia degli squali al Paris Shark Aquarium.

Process: To participate in the Contest and to try to win the prize described below, you have to:

Sign in with an Airbnb account

Go to the “Night At the Shark Aquarium” listing page

Click on the button ‘Enter to win’ and tell us a little about yourself, where you live and why you belong with the sharks for a night? In the form provided write your story addressing the questions above between 50 characters and 550 characters in English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, or between 50 characters and 300 characters in Chinese (Simplified or Traditional), Japanese or Korean.

Concorso aperto anche all’Italia.

no…grazie… :smiley: